About Us

XnRel is a team of talented engineers & consultants providing software solutions in Higher Education, Business Intelligence, Human Capital Management, Financials, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Asset Management, Industrial Manufacturing, Business Process Re-Engineering and Application Integrations.

Our team of Experts is what we take pride in. We have Experience, Knowledge and Training! All it takes to make us expert in what we do. We have experience of working with customer in Europe, ASEAN and Middle East region.

Expertise and quality alone cannot suffice the need for a successful business, unless accompanied by reliability. And Reliability is our principium. We mark our success only when client starts getting benefit out of the system. It’s our perseverance towards real success that keeps us motivated to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

We deliver high quality software solutions and consultancy services to our clients. Whether you need help with a small project or a major development challenge, we scale to respond quickly to deliver robust solutions.

Our Core Values

Expert and Reliable

Reliability is our trademark. We do, what we say and we fulfill our commitments with entirety and integrity. 


Innovative ideas, concepts, and processes are essential for the continuous growth and success of any organization. We treasure our aptitude of doing things creatively and efficiently. Our knowledge, creativity and experience leads us to new insights and possibilities. 

Results Driven

Our focus is driven by a strong desire to achieve and exceed intended goals. We constantly strive to do better, setting the bar high for ourselves and others. 


We deliver quality services by aiming to be recognized as a symbol of quality. We are continuously in the cycle of new learning to deliver best of the best to our customer. With the use of industry best practices we exceed the expectations of our customers each time.