Application Integrations

We are eager to incorporate the integrated set of actions to tie the two systems or application in a synchronized way. In light of expertise, it is a fact that we are engaged in a proper handling of applications to make sure about accuracy and delivery of services. The business processes expertise with its standardized requirements is deeply analyze to transform the distinctive ways of implementation. We foster the implementation in the best of integration solution and monitors its progress for an end-to-end progression.

XnRel is involved with the integration of application for business-to-business (B2B) and business to customers (B2C) clients. The integrations are very significant in the business environment as different strategic business units (SBUs) have very different need of analysis, tools and data representation/utilization for their transaction support system, decision support system, and executive support system.

The enterprise-wide operations considered to be synchronize when it is covering a large classification of business areas. Each business unit is conveying the distinct set of functions that is ultimately satisfying the enterprise’s vision. The businesses have scattered data that made unsuited decisions. It is for the reason that they have been using multiple solutions that often are not compatible with one another. The need is satisfied through application integrations helping decision support for fostering the business in new dimensions.

We have come across different categories of integrations to smooth the process of day-today business operations.

  • SAP and PeopleSoft Campus Solution integration is the one done by detailed knowledge of system requirements, compatibility and its usage.

  • We also involved in integrating the applications of PeopleSoft Campus Solution with different modules of PeopleSoft Campus Solution, it is evident to demonstrate the actual requirement of clients to be in action.

The application integrations can be done in a number of ways where integration is done by web-based medium or using any component interfaces. This would be facilitating for eliminating the curse of loading the bulk data into the system with resourceful way guided by high-tech resources in real-time.


Blackboard – Personalized Learning Experience

Learning alliance between instructor & student to create ease of coordination. It minimize event postponement & communication lag and develops robust mode of actions to build a stable environment.

Sakai Application & Integration

Instructor-Student interaction & collaboration goals achieved for open learning experiences. It determines the potential for learning through two way communication, creating a smooth channel to grow and develop knowledge strength.

UniTime Scheduling & Integration

Eliminates time scheduling clashes by fostering an organized time-tabling solution. It provides all-inclusive ways to schedule classes & events, has capability to integrate student management system and results successful scheduling.
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Upgrade to PSCS 9.2

Delivers an open platform with limitless capacity engaging community for social collaboration, fluid experience and productive outcomes. It allows to stay competitive by following the new trends in the market.