Application Services

As a service provider, we have tapped the milestones of excellence over the decade in different regions. We direct or construct solution specific objectives to achieve the customers’ requirements and expectations in such a way to retain and caste a hallmark of proficiency in professional expertise.

We consult our customers on top level about which solution will best interpret their stated needs of system applications. We also extract an audit of current practices and propose the best practical design to run the business processes, which are not only design-centric but also user-centric to be operationalize in true meaning. We stand-in to support and maintain the business processes redesign and enhancement activities in full capacity to run in user-friendly interactive session.

In software industry, consulting business is to deliver the service to a wide-range of businesses that starts from scratch to the ultimate solution. The business practices are considerably diverse when it comes to a set of functionalities to justify the operational requirements.

  • XnRel, as a service provider entity offers the consultancy, testing and development components as its core competency. The professional judgement centered upon the transnational experiences in diverse spheres of knowledge and recommend the best-fit standardized practice recognized globally.

  • As application services has the definite foundation of conceptual basis in a number of scenarios. The knowledge base is the fundamental element to excel in terms of systematic and intellectual context, which is boost up by the experience in applicable fields.

  • We are aiding the consultancy industry contained by several roles over a decade. The client’s requests are explicit to construct for which it is our operational base to inculcate the architecture design commendations and state the knowledge worker capacity building scope in an attainable boundary.

  • In present era, the best combination of the solution design is to sketch by emphasizing the requirement subject to a problem of customers corresponding to technological advancements. We ensure the comprehensive testing activity of our customized and developed solutions for end-to-end business process base and its related users.

  • XnRel also developed certain online application for some particular clients, as it is definitely a shadow of client’s business need into a sustainable solution.

  • We are engaged in mobile-based development or web-based developments that is working upon detailed testing and released to our treasured clients.


Moodle – Intuitive Platf

Responsive interface to build cooperation between student & instructor to assist in academics. This platform modernizes the effective communication and fulfills learning objectives. It initiates the learning capability enhanced by synchronized tools for collaboration.
Student-Life-Cycle 1

Modern Campus Management

Meet the demands of today’s modern students, faculty, and staff by delivering social and collaborative experiences, identifying top talent, and increasing productivity across campus.
student management system

Building Smart Campus

Promoting Smart Campus with Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solution, enabling intuitive and user friendly business processes. It uses modernized functionality that upgrades automation and removes conventional methods.