Business Analytics

XnRel is keen to provide the ease of decision making to align the strategic business decisions with strategic business objectives. Market dynamics in industry has propelled the businesses to grasp the changes and translate needs into tech-savvy solutions.

Under a competitive business environment, we assure to depict the wide assortment of information into a single, user-friendly and interactive view.  We design the digital dashboards to the user specific needs at a particular point of time; this would enable the users to inculcate the intelligence features to make their key processes and operations in an effective way. As automation proceeds with technology, it is very evident that business intelligence has fulfilled gap of efficiency and effectiveness. It helps to quantify the goals and resources by enhancing the informational view into logical paradigms.

The digital world has enabled the users to visualize the requirements into a perspective that mapped up as incorporating the business needs. We are committed to dictate the business requirements into an impeccable designed layout. XnRel serve this need by using multiple business analytical techniques such as dashboards, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), and Graphical Representation using tools OBIEE, Qlik, Tableau, Pivot Grid, BI publisher etc.

It is very challenging for top managers to navigate the different links to collect the information required in less time. Dashboards are helpful to draft the most important and frequently required information into a single interface. These dashboards minimizes the time effort and benefits to take the decisions promptly. It confirms the efficiency of business decisions into the practical implications for screening the opportunities.

In present era, work model is more team-based rather than individual framework and it is highly beneficial for productivity of employees. The strategic goals further bifurcated into the key performance areas and drilled down into key performance indicators. These assigned to team members for tracing the performance. It is very difficult to see the figures and make an abrupt insight about it. It is handle by means of different options like charts, line graphs, bar charts, and pie charts, histograms by 2D, 3D or 4D etc. Now, scattered data has shaped into a visual, which can aid the analysis with proficient involvement.

  • OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) has modernize the business perspective subjectivity where business users has the power that diligently put their efforts on key areas for decision-making. It not only serves the need to visualize the actual picture of business while comparing it with expected result estimations.

  • Qlik Sense, a business analytical tool helps to direct the analysis into the most efficient view that eliminates extra effort for mapping the dimensions required for analysis. It allows depicting the information in the best available options and does not restrict the analytical scenarios to view in limited options.

  • Using the tools to demonstrate the data into a pectoral representation, Tableau have the capability to modify the need of information at a particular point of time. It strengths the business mission with rational justification for prompt conclusions. One of the basic in-built functionality to drag and drop the data set as per requirement of analysis.

  • PeopleTools Pivot Grids has the feature to make the view as necessary for finding logical answers, backed by the query-based structure.

  • Reporting is not as speedy as it is now by the Oracle BI publisher, this has reduce the time consumption served in making customized reports for top level managers. Rather, an activity that can give better and beneficial results through few clicks.

Realtime Statistics

Dashboard and WorkCenter

Intuitive interface to explore activities in a customized single view. It empowers list of actions and their corresponding statuses in real-time. This gives a structured view of work center to tackle the delayed or due tasks.

Tableau – Envision Statistics

Interactive tool to capture useful information which is readily available to take significant actions directly to meet business targets. It primarily outlines rich functionality potentials and display its resourceful results.

Qlik- Smart Visualization

Converting complexity into simplicity with data analytics to visualize statistics for timely decision making according to status-quo.

Student Analytics

Features and consolidates student information for faster tracking of academics and related accomplishments. Also, enables to plan and trace activities like academic planning consideration efficiently.