Campus Solutions

We intend to run the higher education sector in a systematic way to meet the international standards. The immense experience in managing the campus and its related activities dwell the interest of university management to make over their conventional system into a technology driven solution.

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As a service provider & vendor, we are indulge in incorporating the standardized practices in operation that lead to automation and transparency. The expertise in academic structure foundation, campus related business processes, transformation of academic policies and procedures in accordance with globally accepted standards, has grounded a strong impact on the management, students & instructors. We entail the benefits of business processes and build automatic processes that provide the convenience and confidence. We have consultants who not only recommend but also interpret the requirements of our customers in a meaningful and applicable solution that best fit with benchmark campus procedures.

In the current era, it is the necessity of institutions to implement the online system in order to get on with the market changes and upgradations. Oracle has designed a product named as PeopleSoft Campus Solution that has the ability to define the whole institution system centrally. It also ensures to build the fence of security with system in-built features. This is fundamental action to delegate the rights and authority to the business users, administration and other members of organization.

Campus Management System enables the proper implementation of institutions specific structure, policies and procedures where records & enrollment and curriculum management is core operations linked with other operations. It has the capacity to run the system once set up is settle then configure the operations accordingly.

Any institution has its own needs and goals to thrive in the education industry, which are link by some benchmarks. As of now, technology shift has brought an incremental change that allows the institutions to get it through this wave of advancement and automation. The whole student life cycle is maintain while keeping the entire information and record in the system. Students and faculty are easily trace in the system where it is to monitor the entire record.

Campus Solution is itself a virtual university setup that is link with the university’s transactional data to ensure the decision-making in the accurate context. It is, on various level secured by the infrastructural boundaries defined within the system. It also have the comprehensive solution for backing up the system into different layers in order to intact the data security. It has the ability to integrate the Unitime scheduling system to strengthen and automates the campus management for future.


Diverse Donor Management

Fundraising managed interactions with diverse constituents and create strategies for the cultivation of prospective donors. It allows transparent tracking of historical and current donations,pledges, campaigns and events.
Realtime Statistics

Dashboard and WorkCenter

Intuitive interface to explore activities in a customized single view. It empowers list of actions and their corresponding statuses in real-time. This gives a structured view of work center to tackle the delayed or due tasks.

Tableau – Envision Statistics

Interactive tool to capture useful information which is readily available to take significant actions directly to meet business targets. It primarily outlines rich functionality potentials and display its resourceful results.

Qlik- Smart Visualization

Converting complexity into simplicity with data analytics to visualize statistics for timely decision making according to status-quo.
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Modern Campus Management

Meet the demands of today’s modern students, faculty, and staff by delivering social and collaborative experiences, identifying top talent, and increasing productivity across campus.

Student Analytics

Features and consolidates student information for faster tracking of academics and related accomplishments. Also, enables to plan and trace activities like academic planning consideration efficiently.
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Upgrade to PSCS 9.2

Delivers an open platform with limitless capacity engaging community for social collaboration, fluid experience and productive outcomes. It allows to stay competitive by following the new trends in the market.
student management system

Building Smart Campus

Promoting Smart Campus with Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solution, enabling intuitive and user friendly business processes. It uses the modernized functionality that upgrades the automation and removes conventional methods.