Enterprise Applications

We have an extensive experience, knowledge and hands on practical ability to pursue the enterprise application operations in a coordinated way. As we are dealing with multiple organizations and have in-depth proficiency to manage the standardized business processes. We are engrossed in managing the enterprise application software with a variety of dimensions such as functionality, business process-centric and user-centric design that sounds supportive for front-end users. XnRel automate the delivered solutions along with custom-build solutions that are solely user-specific or customer-specific as per standardized practices universally. The solutions implemented in different organizations are running productively to accomplish strategic business objectives.

We deal in different enterprise applications of renowned solution providers backed by the up-to-date technology. They have extensive network to study the different markets and develop a standard level product by reviewing the basic needs of system application and its transactional benefit to end users. They cater the constraints and requirements simultaneously and come up with new bundles & product releases with added feature set providing the resources, which are knowledge-intensive to get hands-on experience.

The Oracle has a wide range of products, which fulfils the essentials of business set-ups.

  • Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solution (PSCS) used worldwide and it has the ability to accommodate the business operations in a synchronized mode. It is dealing with campus management, financials, and human capital management in order to automate the day-to-day operations. It is subject to organization/firm-level particular solution that any business need they are capitalizing on will get it in function.

  • Oracle E-business Suite is the solution, which addresses the business operations in diverse domains. We, as consultant and solution architects explore the business solution and get it technically and functionally operative. XnRel also handle the product specification enhancements by the customized solution, if necessary and answer the queries of system in an efficient way.

  • Oracle Fusion Cloud is the new chapter of cloud computing which is helpful in many aspects from functionalities, business process work-areas, cost and backup storage etc. Fusion Cloud is using SaaS (Software as a Service); where different business offering exists such as compensation management, project management, workforce deployment, workforce development, procurement, grant management etc. Each of these offering are providing a number of up-to-date field related business processes that outlines ordinary training altogether.

  • The essential need for student to trace the program statistics, course activities, and plan the academic activities and things alike by overseeing the complete representation is also emerged with technological shift. This untapped user ‘student’ is also be noticed with Oracle Student Cloud that will allow student to trigger the level of involvement and improvement to reach an optimal ladder step.

  • We also have expertise in SAP B1 (Business One) and SAP A1 (All in One), which help the financial operations run effortlessly. The qualified and competent consultants are always available that diagnostically resolve the financial problems and in what way system respond to that problem.


IBM Maximo

Streamline assets & finances effortlessly to create equilibrium. It aids the operational use to forecast finances with assets and make the most of the investment feasibility analysis with real time information.
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Modern Campus Management

Meet the demands of today’s modern students, faculty, and staff by delivering social and collaborative experiences, identifying top talent, and increasing productivity across campus.
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Upgrade to PSCS 9.2

Delivers an open platform with limitless capacity engaging community for social collaboration, fluid experience and productive outcomes. It allows to stay competitive by following the new trends in the market.
student management system

Building Smart Campus

Promoting Smart Campus with Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solution, enabling intuitive and user friendly business processes. It uses modernized functionality that upgrades automation and removes conventional methods.