Financial Suite

We also deliver the best financial solutions that are specific to businesses and has the capability to compute the finances in a systematic way. Financial management system also adheres the features that are accurate and valid in terms of calculations, formula sets and other basic financial operations. We also have expertise in financial areas such as managing payments, salaries, purchase requisite, procurement and budget allocation.

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Finance is the area that is prime to the business needs to cultivate the business in the right direction using appropriate use of technology. Many organizations that address the true business requirements and deliver a best-fit model process to serve the requirements at present.  

As financials management, system has a core set of operations starting with governance, compliance, performance management and risk. The integration with the system applications is viably a cost effective deliverable solution and has one of its kind feature set. This makes sure the applications best run in the capacity to grasp the upgraded characteristics.

It is very evident from a traditional point of view of business that businesses failed due to insufficient information availability, its monitoring and accessibility. In some extreme cases, conventional systems also leads to the loss of data that could be a serious issue. With the contemporary system, these areas are consider important while designing and implementing the system in the real time. It portrays the assets management, expense management, budget allocation management and forecast analysis management in a well-organized approach.

The business climate is ready to get transfer to a change of doing business, eliminating the manual processes. The financial management system is likely to absorb the attributes that best defines a solution in terms of standardization, centralization and automation. It eradicates the switching of applications to have a consolidated view of data. This system gives the advantage to advance the business needs into single analytical view. Also, determines the building blocks to get set for reconciliation with other modules of business.


IBM Maximo

Streamline assets & finances effortlessly to create equilibrium. It aids the operational use to forecast finances with assets and make the most of the investment feasibility analysis with real time information.
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Modern Campus Management

Meet the demands of today’s modern students, faculty, and staff by delivering social and collaborative experiences, identifying top talent, and increasing productivity across campus.
financial management system

Oracle Fusion Financials

Handling financials to meet investment, revenues & expenditures objectives. It ensures to depict the financial statements through parameterized reports. It follow the budget utilization patterns and structure finances accordingly.

Oracle Fusion Procurement

Incorporates requirements with procurement tactfully & analyze purchase requisites in correspondence with allocated financial budget. It balances the financial and procurement undertakings aligned to merge the statistical data.
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Upgrade to PSCS 9.2

Delivers an open platform with limitless capacity engaging community for social collaboration, fluid experience and productive outcomes. It allows to stay competitive by following the new trends in the market.
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Building Smart Campus

Promoting Smart Campus with Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solution, enabling intuitive and user friendly business processes. It uses the modernized functionality that upgrades the automation and removes conventional methods.