Identity Management

As technology and solutions are complementing the business requirements, it is essential to deal with conventional solutions into contemporary practices. It seems to have complex network of identities when diversity of solutions interact with each other. Organizations are striving to manage the identity of its community in different systems. To solve this issue, a reliable solution is ready to accommodate the multiple identities into a centralized common identity by synchronization of systems.

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It is a common observation that when a solution is proposed in light of business needs. It does not analyze the impact of augmented cost and its operational feasibility for future implications. Likewise, as different solutions are being proposed and implemented it creates data redundancy and results in inconsistency at various levels. However, a single person might have multiple identities in systems, which does not allow focusing in one dimension, thus it leads to misunderstandings at organization level. Despite the fact, it is required that a person must have a unique identity across all the systems running under one domain. This would definitely reduce the complex interpretation while delegating authorities under policies and procedures.

Microsoft Identity Management helps to deal with overlapping of identities and enable to synchronize the systems. It helps to save the storage costs, reduce complexity and centrally driven identities. It also allows managing the systems for identity management from a single user or administrative interface.

XnRel is implementing Microsoft Identity Management (MIM), examined the core requirements and analysis for one of our customer. Based upon prior experience and knowledge in information technology, we focus on emerging technological solution, which can bring ease to our customers/clients.

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Promoting Smart Campus with Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solution, enabling intuitive and user friendly business processes. It uses the modernized functionality that upgrades the automation and removes conventional methods.