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LUMS selected XnRel for Campus Solution Implementation Audit
XnRel as a reliable IT consultancy firm, worked with LUMS (Lahore University of Management Science) on Campus Solution Implementation audit. XnRel scrutinized through academic structure to every single module influencing business processes by relating it with best-standardized practices worldwide.
MoU with OraTech
XnRel signed a MoU with OraTech to capitalize its technological resources and team up for capability and efficiency in Campus Solution and specifically in higher education.
University of Peshawar – Fresh Implementation of Campus Solution (in pipeline)
XnRel tied up with University of Peshawar to construct the logical stream of planning, designing and implementing a comprehensive system in full-fledged capacity.
IMU – XnRel collaborates for Techno-Functional Support to International Medical University, Malaysia
XnRel has hallmark the capability, knowledge and convenience by working internationally in offering IMU with maintenance of functional and technical facets in Campus Solutions and Financials paradigms.
BH – Upcoming
As ever ready to grab the future challenging roles in industry, XnRel lined up with Barret Hodson University to work on something outstanding as a part of future endeavors.